PDO Threading Near Cedar Park

Not so long ago, having a facelift meant undergoing a heavy, painful surgical procedure that resulted in a lengthy recovery time. As medical science continued to advance, massive leaps in less invasive procedures have allowed individuals to enjoy the benefits of a facelift without the painful surgery. Recovery times are drastically less as well, so you can show off your new look much quicker than in the past.

One facelift procedure offered near Cedar Park is known as PDO threading or “thread lift.” It is a technique that reduces and tightens sagging skin, giving a more youthful and fresh appearance. A thread lift takes less than an hour to perform, and the results are immediate.

Many people are turning to this non surgical facelift treatment option because it is effective, without the pain, recovery, and risks associated with a traditional facelift.

Specialists in Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

Victory Medical is a cosmetic medical spa serving the Cedar Park area, and we only perform non-invasive treatments. Achieving the look you want should not come with pain and risk. Fortunately, it is now possible thanks to innovative technologies.

This is why we are so excited about PDO threading. It offers the benefits of a facelift without all the nasty risks and side effects.







What is PDO Threading?

PDO stands for Polydioxanone, which is a type of surgical thread that is commonly used for sutures and closing wounds. Eventually, it biodegrades, leaving no trace within the body. PDO has been used in the medical industry for over 35 years.

PDO threading is the process of injecting tiny threads under the surface of the skin. They settle in the deeper layers of the skin. Once they are in place, they lift the outer skin upwards. This, in turn, reduces sagging and wrinkles and gives the skin a firmer, more youthful appearance.

A non surgical PDO thread facelift in Cedar Park has the added benefit of stimulating collagen production, which promotes cell renewal and boosts revitalization. When you receive this treatment, you will notice an improvement in the skin’s elasticity and texture, as well as a major reduction in fine lines.

Expectations from a Thread Face Lift Procedure in Cedar Park?

A non surgical thread facelift will typically take around an hour to complete. As you sit in the surgeon’s chair, a small incision will be made into the surface of your skin. A cannula is then inserted into the skin, and the thread is added via the cannula. Once the thread is anchored, the cannula is removed, and the thread cut. The area is then cleaned and dressed, and you will be free to go home.

During the non surgical facelift procedure, you may experience some slight discomfort. The after-procedure recovery is minimal. You may experience some slight bruising or swelling, which should disappear after 24-48 hours.

During recovery, avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area to allow it to heal properly. It is also advised to avoid sleeping on your side for a few weeks after receiving the PDO thread lift in Cedar Park.

Are the Results of a Non Surgical PDO Thread Facelift Permanent?

Since the PDO threads eventually dissolve, the results of the thread facelift are not permanent. Like Botox® and other non-invasive procedures, you will notice the effects diminishing over time. The lasting results can vary from person to person as it depends on the condition of the skin. However, you can expect your non surgical thread facelift to last anywhere between six to nine months. After which, the procedure can be repeated.

What Are the Risks of a PDO Thread Facelift?

Thanks to the non-invasiveness of a thread facelift, the risks are minimal. Typical side-effects include swelling, inflammation, and bruising. However, these should reduce significantly and disappear after a few days.

The most significant risk is from infection. It is therefore extremely important to keep the area clean and disinfected until it has healed. Your surgeon will advise on how best to do this.

How Do I Book PDO Threading Near Cedar Park?

If you are interested in finding out more about the non surgical PDO thread facelift, you can do so by contacting Victory Medical. We are more than happy to answer your questions and help you find out if this treatment is suitable for your needs.

Feel free to use our Live Chat feature, or you can use the online contact form. We are based near Cedar Park, TX, so if you are local, contact us for a consultation.

If you are interested in achieving a revitalized aesthetic without undergoing lengthy surgery, then a non surgical thread facelift might be exactly what you are looking for. You can enjoy a youthful glow and feel confident without putting yourself or your body at risk.