I wanted to write and thank you guys for compounding for my husband, Benn, who had a surprise quadruple bypass this summer at age 43. He had complications and was in a tremendous amount of pain that pills just didn’t seem to help. For the first months after his surgery, the only relief he got was from the compound you guys created for him — he actually slept more than an hour at a time and relief was instant.

Thank you so much for all of your help, the compound was a lifesaver!!!

- Lani

I’ve struggled with good medical care in Texas. I’m so grateful to have found VMC. A year ago I was a very sick human, barely capable of lifting my head off my pillow. Great medical care, attention to detail and a very friendly and accommodating in-house pharmacy, makes going here a pleasure. (I might add that I live 1 1/2 hours away and am STILL very happy to make the drive!)

It took awhile and patience on the part of all concerned to get me back to wellness again. I think a lot of people expect medical practitioners to wave a magic wand and make them instantly better. Healing, in my experience, is an inside job and requires commitment from me, as well as my team of doctors and pharmacists.

Sometimes mistakes happen and each time this has occurred, I’ve been dealt with courteously and kindly and problems have always been resolved speedily and entirely to my satisfaction. I particularly like that the Pharmacy Manager has regularly gone out of her way to assist me, despite being run off her feet. Oh, and don’t confuse your health insurance’s inability to get their ducks in a row with the fine work these people are doing here. (Just a friendly note to some of my fellow reviewers here.)

There’s a reason why this place is almost constantly jam-packed with patients – good work is being done here. And it’s truly amazing to me how friendly and patient all the staff are. I’ve been exercising my jaw most vigorously and telling everyone I know about Victory Medical. (The doctor who was originally treating me, realised very quickly that she was not experienced enough to help me. She didn’t hesitate to refer me to one of her colleagues who could help me. I find this attitude admirable and it seems to be a common attribute of all who work here.)

- Lucrecia

I felt so well taken care of and heard at Dr. Keller’s office in Bee Caves. Not only is she a caring, conscientious doctor, but her staff is very nice and helpful as well. I have fibromyalgia so I need a doctor that can help me with several issues and Dr. Keller has been wonderful. I have also used their pain gel to alleviate knots in my neck and back to great success. My husband loves Dr. Keller too and sees her for a variety of issues. Highly recommended if you want a doctor who can blend traditional medicine with common sense.

- Susan

I wanted to share with Austin area folks that I have been a patient of Dr. Franklin since he opened his practice in Austin 25+ years ago. He and the members of his practice group have cared for my family for everything you can imagine from chicken pox, flu, asthma and allergies to broken bones, and sports injuries. Not to mention the care of our 2 month premature son and all the health issues following. That child is now a healthy 21 year old. Critical for most parents is knowing that his/her physician will listen. The folks at Victory not only listen, they will factor in your opinion in treatment. All this to say that I trust Dr. Franklin and his practice group and I recommend them without reservation.

- Betty

“A long time patient of Victory Medical. I am going to the new location now on Bee Cave Road continuing with Ralph Hadley PA.
My appointment is confirmed the day before by a phone call. My visit starts with Andrea, who is professional, kind, wonderfully warm and attentive.

Then I walk back with Christine who checks vitals and makes sure she writes down the reason I am there. Never fails to say something personal and just adds a nice touch to the experience. Ralph, the PA, never, ever rushes me. He is an attentive listener and we discuss treatment options. A PA who actually asks me for an opinion, versus some Doc who just tells you what he thinks. He spends extra time with me when it’s needed and always finds something cheerful to say. He has given me much comfort during some healthcare scares, something other practices definitely have lacked.
I live in San Marcos and don’t mind the drive to the Westside of Austin.

The office is clean, inviting and the atmosphere is calm.

If you are looking for a great experience [if going to see a doctor has to be ] then Victory on Bee Cave is it !

Start to finish – they are a genuine and caring team!”

- Petra

“I wanted to provide feedback about the pain cream I am trying for you. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it works very well. I worked my back yesterday at the gym and noticed discomfort in my lower back yesterday evening. After applying the cream last night, I awoke this morning feeling great. It continues to help with pain in my shoulders and elbow as previously reported.”

- Robert

“I do not want to go on Vicodin so I have just been dealing with the pain. I tried some of my brother’s pain cream and I couldn’t believe the results! I was very skeptical, so I tried it on my right side and not my left. I was painless for about three hours!”

- Dixie Graves

“I have been using the cream for several weeks now and find it a very good pain reliever. I suffer from migraine headaches and used it on my temples. Within minutes the pain was gone. I also used it on my lower back and again it worked within minutes. The only thing I don’t like about it is the film it leaves on my skin and it is sticky to the touch once applied.”

- Tony Register

“Dr. Franklin:

Thank you so much for taking time to really listen to me and for understanding what I’ve been going through both mentally and physically. I realize its only been a few days since you put me on hormone replacement therapy but in that short time I have really begun to notice a dramatic change. Today, for the first time in a long time, I had the energy to deal with all that is going on in my life.

Knowing I will feel even better as time goes on is so awesome!”

- Carolyn Hash

” I love this practice! I have been a patient at Victory for a good 10 years now!”

- Dakota 

“In October of 2009, I began experiencing severe pain in my neck that radiated down my arm into my hand and fingers. I resisted seeing the doctor because I am basically hard-headed but finally succumbed to the pain and made an appointment with Jim Howard.

Jim is an awesome doctor who gives you nothing but the straight talk. He recommended that I see Dr. Brunstien to start some chiropractic therapy for what appeared to be arthritis and some deterioration in my vertebrae.

After several weeks of regular treatments I started feeling much less pain. I’m feeling much better now and am confident that my health and well-being are the most important thing to everyone at Victory Medical Center.”

- David Carlin

“When I first started physical therapy at Victory I was unable to walk or even move my foot. Now I can easily get around with the help of a cane. Victory has literally helped me get back on my feet.”

- Mozel King

“Victory Physical Therapy has been instrumental in my rehabilitation following shoulder surgery. The staff is professional and caring. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.”

- Jack Walton

” A little more than a year ago, x-rays revealed moderate arthritis in my neck. My primary physician suggested I see Dr. Brustein who made adjustments that provided immediate physical relief.

As part of my treatment plan, Dr. B also suggested some lifestyle changes to help alleviate some of the pain in my neck.

I continue to see Dr. Brustein on a regular basis, and my quality of life continues to improve.”

- Val Caldwell

“I’ve have had a weight problem since I was 7 years old. Today I’m 64.

Thanks to the medical weight loss program at Victory, I have finally learned to control a life long craving for sweets and to appreciate the importance of proper diet and exercise.

I had the wonderful support of Meg and Sharon who guided me through many moods, tears, questions, successes, and body changes.

I would recommend this program to anyone. The encouragement I got along with guidance on diet, eating habits, and exercise saved my mental and physical well being.”

- Becky Rodriguez

“I’m writing to let you know how very happy I am to have found you guys and all that you represent and how good I’ve felt since starting my new rx/supplement regimen at Dr. Franklin’s direction.”

- Susan Walker

“Several months ago my very active 7 year-old son took a head-long fall into a mound of dirt and cut the inside of his mouth quite badly.

I knew that it would be several hours before he could be seen by a doctor at a hospital emergency room.

Then I remembered that Victory Medical has an Urgent Care Center just minutes from our house. Thankfully, my son was seen within 10 minutes of our arrival.

The doctor was able to clean out the wound, remove some bits of gravel, and give me the good news that stitches weren’t necessary.

I was so relieved and thankful that I had been spared a frustrating drive in rush-hour traffic, a long wait in a busy ER, and a costly emergency room bill.

Thanks Victory.”

- Krista D. Jordan

” PA Hadley and his team at Victory have earned my trust for the conscientious way in which they treated my sports injury. These are great folks.”

- Guest 

“I live fairly close to Victory Medical and I have visited several times when I needed a doctor quickly and couldn’t wait for an appointment.

Their hours of operation are longer than other offices and they allow for walk ins. When you call their main number there is a recording listing their evening and weekend hours. They are a very busy place, but I haven’t ever had to wait long – they are well staffed.

All of the doctors and nurse practitioners I have dealt with are very friendly, professional, and easy to talk to.

I recommend them when you need a doctor without much notice.”

- Stephanie W

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