Many Are Turning To Ketamine Infusion Therapy For Chronic Depression

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For those who have suffered chronically from depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain, there is a new option available. Ketamine is a drug that has been used for many years in surgery and now there is a growing body of research that shows with proper administration and screening, the prescription drug Ketamine can have effective medical applications for the treatment of depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, and chronic pain.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

Many people all over the world suffer from depression and are usually treated with prescription anti-depressant medications.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • Loss of interest in normal activities and relationships
  • Fatigue
  • Inability to focus
  • Insomnia (inability to sleep)
  • Hypersomnia (excessive sleep)
  • Significant weight loss (more than 5 percent of body weight in a month)
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

What is the Ketamine Infusion Process Like?

Ketamine Infusion Therapy must be administered in a clinical setting by licensed medical professionals. A patient who is interested in Ketamine Infusion Therapy must first undergo psychiatric counseling and be properly assessed as a potential candidate for the treatment. Once the psychiatric counseling is performed and a proper assessment is given, the patient will be scheduled for a Ketamine infusion.

The patient’s Ketamine infusion dose is based on a number of factors and is customized for their treatment plan. The patient will be taken to a quiet serene room where they will be administered the Ketamine medication via intravenous infusion. At Victory Medical, it is important that your Ketamine Infusion Therapy experience goes well which is why we ensure you are able to relax during your treatment in a quiet room where you are monitored by a licensed medical professional and are able to listen to music of your choice.

What Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Feel Like?

As described previously, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is a medical procedure that is delivered through an IV. If you have ever received medication via IV or have had your blood drawn, you know that the needle insertion is truly the only painful part of the procedure. Once inserted though, you should not feel any pain. Patients report that the medication feels cold as it enters the bloodstream.

In a clinical setting, with the proper dosage, patients will feel deeply relaxed and will be physically sedated so it is important to remain still and allow the medication to properly take effect. It is also important to have a ride home planned as you will not be able to drive after your procedure.

Some patients experience dizziness and nausea, but the Victory Medical team has medications on hand to help you should you develop any of those symptoms.

How Does Ketamine Infusion Therapy Work?

Some studies have shown that a series of Ketamine infusions, carefully administered in a medical setting, can help ease depression. It is important to note that Ketamine Infusion Therapy for depression is not FDA-approved and is considered an off-label (investigational) treatment. However, many patients across the nation report positive effects.

Although scientists do not yet understand exactly how Ketamine Infusion Therapy works, they have a theory. If we think of how computers work, we can describe an antidepressant as a software reset for our bodies. This software reset may work for a period of time until another adjustment or “software reset” must occur again. If we continue with this analogy, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is more like a hardware reset. This hardware reset happens quickly for many patients after they have been treated with Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

Some patients have described the treatment as life changing because other treatments methods have not worked well for them. Medical research has also recently shown that in very small, properly calculated doses, Ketamine can alleviate migraine pain for up to several weeks and reduce the severity of migraine auras.

Will My Insurance Pay for Treatment?

Unfortunately, Ketamine Infusion Therapy is not yet covered by medical insurance so patients who qualify for treatment will need to pay out of pocket. Fortunately, Victory Medical offers financing options to those patients who qualify for such.

How Do I Schedule an Appointment to See if I’m a Candidate for Ketamine Infusion Therapy at Victory Medical?

If you have suffered from severe chronic depression, PTSD, postpartum depression, bipolar disorder, or chronic pain and you are looking for another option, give Victory Medical a call. Our experienced staff will ensure you receive top notch care and answer any of your questions along the way. Send us an email at or give us a call at 512-462-3627 (DOCS) to speak to one of our professionally trained staff.

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