Meet Ralph

Ralph M. Hadley is a Physician Assistant (PA) Athletic Trainer and Strength Conditioning Specialist at Victory Medical Center in Westlake of South Austin, Texas.

Ralph is trained in family practice, urgent care, and orthopedics, but his passion is sports medicine, where his varied duties include treatment, rehabilitation, conditioning, and first aid to athletes with sports injuries.

He believes the state of your health is always more important than the score of your last game. There is nothing more satisfying to him than knowing he’s helped an athlete return to competition in top physical condition.

In 1986, Ralph received his Master of Science in Sports Medicine at Ohio University in Athens, and he obtained his Physician Assistant Certificate in Health Science from George Washington University in 1994.

He is proud to be part of a practice where different types of medical expertise are available under one roof. Taking a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to healthcare, he is passionate about helping people who are actively engaged in sports and want to maintain strong and healthy bodies for life.

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