Better Health Without Leaving Home

Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management for Medicare Patients

Are you or someone you love over the age of 65? Would you like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you could prevent a life-threatening emergency before it happens? It is possible with RPM and CCM. Even better, RPM and CCM are Medicare Covered Services.

What are RPM and CCM? Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management are simple ways for a physician to monitor health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, high/low thyroid, obesity, and depression without you leaving the comfort or safety of your home.

What is the difference between RPM and CCM? Both RPM and CCM are effective and convenient ways of managing chronic conditions. RPM uses monitoring devices to provide data to your provider, while with CCM, information is communicated through a care manager. Many Medicare patients will benefit from one or both methods of care.

Conditions Managed by RPM: High blood pressure and diabetes are two conditions that can be monitored using RPM.

How Does RPM Work? After a remote consultation with an RPM specialist, monitoring devices are sent to your home. You take blood pressure and glucose readings using these simple, at-home devices. The results are transmitted automatically to our dedicated healthcare professionals who monitor for any changes or potential problems. If treatment or intervention is necessary, it can often be implemented without requiring an in-person doctor visit.


Connect with our RPM Specialist, and devices
will be shipped directly to your door.


Easily check your readings, which are automatically
transmitted to your doctor’s office.


Our team will monitor you remotely and
provide treatment, if needed.

Conditions Managed by CCM: High cholesterol, high/low thyroid, obesity, depression, and arthritis are some of the conditions that can be monitored using CCM.

How Does CCM Work? During an initial visit, your provider will develop your care plan. You are then assigned a care manager who will consistently monitor you and your diagnosis by checking in with you regularly. Your care manager will communicate with your provider who will prescribe treatment or adjustments to the care plan, when necessary. All issues are addressed immediately, without you having to come in for an office visit. These healthcare professionals are also available to you as a constant resource to address any questions or concerns you may have.


Meet with a provider to receive your care plan.


Speak with your personal healthcare professional regularly.


Provider will monitor your health and care plan and make adjustments when needed.

For any questions, or to enroll, contact us at (855) 500-2005 or

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Allison has been such a delight to work with. She is always caring and such a delight to speak and work with. Thank you for always going above and beyond your duties to care for others.
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Carol L., ★★★★★

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Allison, who is in charge of the remote patient monitoring system, which tracks my daily blood pressure readings. One day my reading was quite a bit lower than normal, and within minutes Allison called to make sure I was feeling all right. Thank you, Allison!

Melissa E., ★★★★

I really like the remote blood pressure monitoring program. I take my blood pressure with a 4G-enabled cuff, and my doctor gets the reading, and the remote monitoring staff (Maya is greatly helpful) are accessible if I have questions or problems, and they check in with me whenever my numbers are out of line. I feel much safer.

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I’ve been a patient of victory medical for approximately 20 years and always get good service. Sometime last year I went on a program to check my blood pressure remotely. Nika has been in charge of that and shes always so nice and helpful when I need to talk to her. I would highly recommend victory medical to anyone.

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