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About 10% of people in the U.S. experience hearing loss, yet most of them never get treatment. At Victory Medical Center, patients can get comprehensive care to test, diagnose, and treat hearing impairments or balance-related problems. At Westlake Hills, Texas, you’ll find an expert team and the most current hearing aid and hearing protection options.

Hearing & Balance Healthcare – Just for You



Approximately 90% of hearing loss is not medically treatable, making hearing aids the only viable treatment option. Over the years, smaller microchips and advances in digital technology have made hearing aids less noticeable than ever before — removing the social stigma once associated with wearing them.

We offer:

  • A complete selection of hearing aids from prominent manufacturers
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Hearing protection devices (including ear plugs for musicians)
  • Custom made swim molds
  • Fittings and repairs

Every pre-and-post-fitting includes detailed ear measurements and personalized instruction on the use and care of your hearing aid. Quality assurance is achieved through the use of satisfaction surveys and follow-up exams to make certain this life changing technology is operating at peak performance.

Ask about our Complete Hearing Health Care© Program which provides a wide range of extended services at no additional cost to you! Included in the cost of your instruments are:

  • 4-month cleanings and adjustments
  • Yearly audiometric screenings
  • Yearly hearing aid evaluations
  • First year loss and damage insurance


We provide a full spectrum of balance related diagnostic services and treatment options for conditions like feeling dizzy or off balance which are some of the most common complaints of people over the age of 65. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, don’t wait any longer.

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