Victory Medical Has a Walk-in Urgent Care Center in Westlake, TX.  

Physician Taking Blood Pressure of Patient

What is an Urgent Care? 

An urgent care is a category of walk-in clinic focused on the delivery of ambulatory (or outpatient) care in a dedicated medical facility outside of a traditional emergency room setting. Victory Medical-Urgent Care clinics treat a multitude of injuries and illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require an emergency department visit. 

What are the Benefits of an Urgent Care? 

One of the main benefits of an urgent care is it runs MUCH less expensive than the cost of an emergency department visit. The team at Victory Medical-Urgent Care treat many of the illnesses and injuries that are non-life threatening without having to endure the long waits experienced at an emergency room. We strive to provide quality care quickly to get you in, out, and on your way to feeling better. 

How Much Does It Typically Cost to go to an Urgent Care? 

Patients typically have urgent care insurance benefits that cover the cost of their visit.  An urgent care copay is typically around the same amount as a specialist copay. The cost of an urgent care visit is often up to 300% less than the cost of a trip to the emergency room.  

Do I Need A Referral to go to Urgent Care? 

Some insurance companies require you to get a referral from your family doctor before you go to a walk-in or urgent care clinic. Victory Medical’s team can help determine if a referral is required for your visit. 

What Can Be Done at an Urgent Care? 

At Victory Medical-Urgent Care we diagnose and treat illnesses such as colds, flu, stomach aches, ear infections, bladder infections, and more. We also offer minor injury care for lacerations, sprains, strains, or broken bones. We see patients of various ages and offer in-house lab testing and x-rays. 

Where is Victory Medical’s Westlake Walk-In Urgent Care Clinic Located? 

Victory Medical-Urgent Care in Westlake is located at 3811 Bee Caves Rd. Westlake Hills, TX.   Our office is situated between Loop 360 and Mopac just west of the light at Westbank Drive. 

Does Victory Medical Have Other Urgent Care Locations? 

Yes, Victory Medical has urgent care clinics located at 4303 Victory Drive in Austin and 351 Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 100 in Cedar Park.  With multiple options for all your urgent care needs, we look forward to serving you! 

Victory Medical is a multi-specialty practice with locations in Austin, Westlake, Cedar Park, and Marble Falls. We offer various services and are a one stop shop for your needs. Services we offer include: Family Practice, Heartwise Physicals, Pharmacy, Urgent Care, Natural Hormone Replacement, MedSpa, CoolSculpting®, Allergy Treatment,Physical Therapy, and Weight Loss.