Where other therapies have failed, Ketamine steps in.

With a somewhat complex history dating back to 1956 with a primarily veterinary anesthetic use, the concept of Ketamine as a therapeutic and healing option for patients may seem an odd, and even controversial choice, but the results speak for themselves.

It is a safe alternative to many addictive or ineffective drugs for widespread health disorders with positive effects and results.
Ketamine is rapid acting, has a short duration or action, and has been known to drastically help those affected by Chronic Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and PTSD.

Victory Medical in Austin, is dedicated to bringing their patients the most revolutionary practices in healthcare to help them find the relief they need.

Picture of patient who is depressed
Picture of patient who is depressed
Picture of patient who is depressed

Meet Melissa, our Ketamine Therapist

Melissa Gabrielli is a Family Nurse Practitioner and Family Mental Health Nurse Practitioner board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She completed her Doctorates of Nursing Practice at the University of South Alabama

Melissa is uniquely trained in behavioral and mental health care. She specializes in complex trauma, PTSD – military and non-military, addiction, acute and chronic depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, and eating disorders. She is qualified to diagnose and treat children, adolescents and adults.

She has specialized training in ketamine infusions and focuses on alternative/ holistic approaches to whole person care.

Additionally, she specializes in oncology with expertise in pediatric blood and stem cell transplant. She also has extensive training in emergency medicine. Melissa became a nurse practitioner to blend the art of medicine and compassion of nursing.

“To treat a disease you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you’ll win no matter what the outcome. -Patch Adams

Meet Dr. Franklin, the Founder & Director

As a result of my profound childhood passion to care for people, I opened Victory Medical in 1996. During the 30+ years I have been in practice my vision has evolved to include many branches in the tree of medicine. I completed specialized training in Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and Anti-Aging medicine. While most of my practice has transitioned to focusing on those aspects of healthcare, I continue to care for patients in my family medicine practice. Most recently, I began to delve into alternative treatment possibilities for those patients struggling with life-altering mental health issues. I am elated to open our groundbreaking Ketamine Therapy clinic to help those patients as well as those who suffer from chronic pain. Ketamine Therapy is literally saving lives!!

Ketamine Therapy is still a new concept in healthcare, and Victory Medical is one of the few clinics in the United States that is now licensed, and able to offer Ketamine as a therapeutic practice to patients.

Victory Medical believes that every patient deserves the utmost attention, which is why every Ketamine Therapy infusion is monitored by a trained therapist every step of the way. Every patient’s reaction is different, and Victory Medical is ready to monitor and administer the correct dosages and advice to every individual for the most beneficial results.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” -Hippocrates

The Science

The chemical makeup and effects of Ketamine Therapy have been generously recorded and published for public review. Victory Medical is determined for their patients to be as educated as possible and have laid out the information in an easily accessible and comprehensive format. Contact Victory Medical directly for a more personalized assessment today!

The Experience

As a new method for treating a variety of health disorders, Ketamine is able to be administered in a variety of ways and forms. Victory Medical has found that an IV infusion is the most effective and fast acting method for patients. Ketamine is administered with a trained therapist monitoring the entire process. Read more to find out what it means to participate in Ketamine Therapy.

The Reviews

Ketamine Therapy has undergone multiple clinical trials for a variety of health disorders with each result recorded and studied by health professionals. Read real life testimonials and case study excerpts from individuals who have undergone Ketamine Therapy. Contact Victory Medical to determine if Ketamine Infusion Therapy is the right fit for you.


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(512) 462-DOCS (3627)