4 Benefits of Taking Allergy Skin Tests

4 Benefits of Taking Allergy Skin Tests

Over 100 million Americans deal with allergy symptoms every year.

If you’re going to avoid these symptoms, as well as any major allergy complications that may arise, allergy testing is essential. A simple skin test will determine which airborne substances you’re particularly vulnerable to.

Today, we’re going to tell you the four benefits of allergy skin tests. Knowing exactly what you’re allergic to is the most foolproof method for staying safe with allergies, so keep reading and take the right steps to protect your health.

  1. Find the Right Treatment

When you undergo allergy testing, it gives your allergist the information they need to provide you a treatment plan. This may involve medication or an allergy management plan, both of which will help you avoid the worst of your symptoms.

There are a variety of anti-allergy medications, but you need to take the right one for your allergy and its symptoms. Allergen tests are an easy and accurate way to pinpoint the most accurate treatment plan.

  1. Prevent Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are incredibly inconvenient and sometimes deadly. Severe allergic reactions can quickly lead to life-threatening situations. If you don’t know what you’re allergic to, it puts you at risk of succumbing to a potentially severe reaction.

To avoid anaphylaxis, your doctor can prescribe you an EpiPen, but only if you’ve got proven allergies. In the event of anaphylaxis, you may experience clammy skin, palpitations, lightheadedness, breathing difficulties, and a drop in blood pressure. In the end, without an EpiPen, you’re in a very risky circumstance.

  1. Determine When You Outgrow Allergies

Another benefit of allergy skin tests is the ability of your doctor to determine when you’ve outgrown allergies. Many people go through life avoiding certain foods or situations because they were told of an allergy at a young age.

The fact is, allergic conditions can change, but the only way to find out if you’ve outgrown your allergy is by doing another allergy test. If it comes back negative, you’re probably in the clear to spend time outdoors during pollen season or eat peanut butter again.

  1. Craft Your Diet

It’s important to understand food allergies. Once you ingest a food that you’re allergic to, you either need an EpiPen or medical treatment to curtail the reaction. When you know what your food allergies are, you can craft a diet that keeps you safe.

Many allergy sufferers will cut out entire food groups, which isn’t always necessary. Ordering a skin allergy test and talking to an allergist can help you determine exactly which foods you should avoid.

Say Yes to Allergy Skin Tests

Now that you know why allergy skin tests are so important, it’s time to tell you where to get yours administered. At Victory Medical, our goal is to help Texans navigate their allergies in a healthy and sensible manner.

We offer two types of allergy skin tests, as well as blood testing and food elimination tests. Contact us today to book your tests and handle your allergy symptoms once and for all.