Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Cedar Park

Cedar Park Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are one of the millions of people seeking non-invasive alternatives to help you look and feel younger, natural hormone replacement is for you. The healthcare providers at Victory Medical are waiting to consult with you on ways to turn back the clock with our remarkable hormone therapy options near Cedar Park.

As a premier medical aesthetic facility, Victory Medical offers to you an array of medical services. With hormone replacement therapy, we can help you feel like you again.

Reverse the Effects of Aging with Hormone Replacement

Once you are over the age of 40, your body may start to respond differently with each passing year. You may have trouble sleeping, feel more tired every day, and the energy you once had starts lacking. You want a solution to start feeling like your former, younger self.

Hormones rejuvenate, regenerate, and restore. They maintain your weight, as they work to seek a natural balance to your daily metabolism. These powerful chemical messengers travel to specific cells throughout your body to orchestrate many of the body’s internal functions. Even a small fluctuation in hormone levels can cause substantial changes in cells and disrupt your body’s entire wellbeing. Too much or too little of a hormone can throw functions in disarray.

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Cedar Park hormone replacement specialists will tell you that the key to a well-balanced life is hormonal balance. Hormones are vital to the very intricate interrelationships your body shares with all its systems and parts. When everything is working together, you enjoy optimal health.

During times of perimenopause, menopause, and andropause (in men), hormones stop delivering as they once did. Hormonal imbalances can bring on an increased risk for developing cancer, stroke, thyroid malfunctions, osteoporosis, and other age-related disorders.


Fight Alzheimers

Improve Sleep

Improve Mental Activity

Restore Sexuality

Better Skin

Weight Loss

When estrogen is low for either women or men, the body looks to conserve it by storing extra fat. Because fat contains estrogen, regular amounts of replacement estrogen can help to decrease fat storage. Our Cedar Park natural hormone replacement therapy restores muscle and taps into fat storages to restore energy.

Improved Sexual Function

When hormones that pertain to reproduction decrease, the desire for sexual activity also decreases. Once these hormones are restored to normal levels, libido is increased.

Once a woman reaches the age of menopause, hormones decrease, and reproduction is shut down. The body assumes there will be no further need for sexual activity. This, in turn, causes vaginal dryness. In men, erectile dysfunction may start to be an issue. Once hormone levels are restored using hormone replacement therapy, you may experience improved sexual function.

Stronger Bones

Hormones like estrogen and testosterone influence the way bones absorb calcium. If bones cannot properly absorb calcium, they become brittle, and Osteoporosis can result. Balanced hormones will regulate calcium absorption and help your bones remain healthy and strong.

A Healthier You

When hormones fluctuate, mood swings are inevitable. Hormones interfere with blood sugar and brain chemistry. Both men and women will experience mood swings which, if left untreated, can lead to more serious health issues, including depression, anger, and anxiety. Our Cedar Park hormone replacement therapy can address all these issues.

Energy Boost With Hormone Replacement Therapy near Cedar Park

Hormones that stop producing, or widely fluctuate, can cause the blood sugar levels in your body to not process properly. Feelings of fatigue often follow. When hormones are in balance, the body will effectively produce energy to restore and increase your energy levels.

Younger Appearance

Testosterone can be a deficiency in both women and men. Testosterone directly affects the building of muscle. Muscles can then atrophy if testosterone is insufficient. Once restored to normal levels through hormone replacement therapy, testosterone can help in the restoration of muscle through exercise.

Start Feeling Like You Again

Our goal at Victory Medical is to address all your hormone replacement concerns. We like to refer to it as longevity medicine, because there is still so much to do once you have turned the corner on a certain age or are experiencing perimenopause, menopause, or andropause.

At Victory Medical, a core part of our practice is addressing hormone replacement therapy. Symptoms of low testosterone in both women and men include fatigue, mental fog, sleep loss, depression, confusion, anxiety, mood swings, memory loss, and irritability.

Estrogen and testosterone imbalances can now safely be remedied through our Cedar Park natural hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes, thinning of the vaginal wall, decreased sexual desire, weight gain, and many other symptoms were once misdiagnosed and mistreated with anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. These can often lead to even bigger problems.

Call Victory Medical today and schedule your hormone replacement consultation in our Cedar Park location. Discuss your symptoms with our Cedar Park hormone replacement specialists and we will recommend a course of treatment uniquely yours.


What is longevity medicine?

Longevity medicine, or anti-aging medicine, is a practice that focuses on reversing the effects of age and gravity on the body.

At Victory Medical, a core part of this practice is natural hormone replacement therapy: A safe, clinically proven method that can restore hormones to their proper levels. In the process, patients can reclaim a more youthful appearance, retard cellular degeneration, slow the aging process, and prolong the quality of their lives, all with no adverse side effects.


How does hormone replacement therapy work?

It’s important to note that hormones are not drugs. They are natural substances that have existed in your body since you were born. Because it replaces a naturally occurring process, hormone therapy is safe and appropriate for most individuals.

The customized programs at Victory Medical include a medically supervised regimen of natural hormone replacement therapy, exercise, proper diet, and nutritional supplements. Your physician will help tailor a plan that works for your lifestyle and goals.

After a complete physical examination and laboratory evaluation, your physician prescribesand monitors a personalized hormone supplementation program to restore your hormones to optimal performance levels.

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