How Chemical Peels Can Rejuvenate Your Skin



How Chemical Peels Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

Chemical peels are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the United States, with over one million procedures performed in 2018 alone.

The benefits of chemical peels are vast, but one of the main benefits is that it can give your skin new life.

Allow us to go over the basics behind what a chemical peel is, and how it can help your skin.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

There are a lot of different ways that chemical peels can rejuvenate your skin. For example, people whose skin tones have faded into dullness as they age can get a whole new look from a chemical peel.

If you’re concerned about the possible signs of aging showing up on your face, chemical peels can help. They reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

People who often struggle with acne can also benefit from chemical peels because of their ability to reduce the frequency of breakouts. Those who have insecurities about the size of their pores can reduce the size with a chemical peel or two.

Chemical peels can even treat scar tissue, which can be very handy for people who struggled with acne as teenagers.

Consider the Types of Chemical Peels

The benefits your skin will receive from a chemical peel will differ based on the type of chemical peel you choose. There are phenol peels, AHA peels, TCA peels, and BHA peels.

Different peels are lighter or deeper, meaning they penetrate more of your skin. Deeper chemical peels tend to have a longer recovery time, but more long-term benefits. The recovery for deeper peels can run up to a few weeks.

The deeper the chemical peel, the more money you’ll be spending on your treatment. Your doctor can recommend what type of chemical peel is right for your needs.

Chemical Peel Maintenance

To fully reap the beauty benefits of chemical peels, you need to ensure that you take aftercare seriously. Otherwise, you’ll have spent a bunch of money for no real reason.

Your skin will be much more sensitive to the sun after a chemical peel, so adjust your SPF accordingly. Wear a hat when in direct sunlight, and always wear plenty of sunscreen.

Taking care of your health generally can also improve your chemical peel results. If it’s been a while, book an appointment with your primary care physician.

Talk to your doctor about your skincare routine and see if they recommend any changes. You want to ensure that no ingredients in your products will irritate your chemical peel.

Furthermore, regardless of the type of chemical peel you choose, you should make sure that they’re performed by a licensed professional. You want to know that it has been applied correctly and to minimize the likelihood of severe side effects from your chemical peel treatment.

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