Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy: What Are the Differences?





Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy What Are the Differences

Over 20% of Americans struggle with chronic pain. If you’re struggling with pain, or a loss of mobility, you have different options available to you for treatment.

Two examples are chiropractic therapy and physical therapy. So, which one is right for your specific problem? Are they the same thing?

Let’s discuss it further. Below, you can learn all about these two methods of treatment, to help make a more informed choice about your care.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

So, what is chiropractic care?

Chiropractors (or any professionals who perform chiropractic care) are alternative medicine professionals. A chiropractor who works in a medical facility uses physical manipulation to alleviate pain and neuromuscular disorders.

Most of the time, chiropractors focus on back and neck pain. They may also treat pregnancy-related pain or discomfort, headaches, and various types of joint pain.

Chiropractic professionals also focus on holistic treatments. They may give their patients “homework” that includes nutrition and exercise tips.

Many people think that chiropractors don’t practice medicine or do any types of diagnostic tests, but this isn’t true. Real chiropractors can use x-rays to determine what the problem could be with the patient before starting a treatment plan.

Chiropractors use massage and chiropractic adjustment to help their patients. Adjustments put the patient’s body into proper alignment. In theory, proper spinal alignment will fix the rest of the patient’s problems.

Some chiropractors will also use ultrasound therapy.

Why Would Someone See a Chiropractor? 

People see chiropractors for a variety of reasons, but the most common one is pain. Some people also see chiropractors for digestive issues, preventing diseases, and overall health and wellness.

Many people start noticing their symptoms dissipating within about six weeks of chiropractic sessions.

What Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapy differs from chiropractic therapy in several ways.

Physical therapists do similar work, but with different goals in mind. Like chiropractors, physical therapists use their hands and physical manipulation to treat their patients (among other things).

Physical therapists also take a holistic approach to treatment. They don’t only do hands-on work. They also tell their patients what they should be doing at home to manage their pain and restore their mobility.

Physical therapists don’t only use their hands. They also use a variety of tools to help patients. They often also incorporate exercise into their sessions.

Why Would Someone See a Physical Therapist? 

People tend to see physical therapists after injuries, surgeries, or even births. Physical therapists help patients recover and restore their bodies to the state that they were in before the surgery, birth, or injury.

Some people choose to visit physical therapists even when they’re healthy and non-disabled. This allows them to prevent injuries or aid future recovery. This is common amongst athletes and people who are preparing for surgery.

Physical therapists can also help patients who suffer from long-term mobility-related health conditions.

Chiropractic vs Physical Therapy: Different but Similar

The difference between chiropractic vs physical therapy is minimal, but both practices serve different purposes. Chiropractors tend to focus on spinal health. Physical therapists focus on restoring mobility and function to the entire body.

Which do you need?

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