What Are the Main Benefits of Stretch Therapy?






What Are the Main Benefits of Stretch Therapy

You might be surprised to learn that only about ten percent of people claim to stretch every day. As we all know, stretching is crucial for your body’s muscles. Not only does stretching promote blood flow and leave your body more flexible, it also reduces your risk of future injury.

To utilize the full spectrum of benefits that stretching can offer, many have turned to stretch therapy. Have you been curious about trying stretch therapy or learning what specific advantages it can bring you? If so, this brief guide will explain all you need to know.

Stretch Therapy Explained

We should all be stretching before we attempt any exercise. After all, the human body has over six hundred muscles, each of which needs care and maintenance. In fact, as we age, approximately thirty percent of our flexibility is lost by the time we reach seventy years old.

Stretch therapy exists as a means of more thoroughly targeting specific muscle groups. The goal of a session is to stretch particular muscles in a more safe and controlled process. Stretch therapy benefits muscles that have become too tight, as well as those around restricted joints that prohibit greater movement.

In practice, a stretch therapy session is not unlike getting a massage. After a patient completes some intake paperwork, a physical therapist works with them one-on-one on a table.

From there, the therapist will move the patient into the optimal positions to stretch the areas of concern, helping them do so slowly and carefully. The therapist may also use tools such as straps and foam rollers to further ease the muscle tissue. In addition, the therapist will guide the patient through stretch therapy tips such as special breathing exercises to facilitate stretching.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

The more safe and precise nature of stretching muscle groups with stretch therapy can offer many benefits to patients.

For one, therapeutic stretching exercises can reduce pain in stiff or sore muscle areas. It can improve circulation, mobility, and fighting one’s gradual decreases in flexibility with age. This combined effect reduces the risk of further injury and pain.

With more flexible muscles, patients will see improvements in their athletic performance. In addition, a patient’s posture can improve noticeably, even when at rest. When movement comes that much easier, patients can be relieved of much tension and stress in their daily lives.

Don’t Wait for Tight Muscles to Cause You Pain

When it comes to unlocking the benefits of stretch therapy, there’s no reason to wait. The goal of stretching in any form is to take preventative care to stave off muscle strain. If you are experiencing any muscle tightness, the best thing you can do is get ahead of the problem.

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