Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nutrition Specialist



Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nutrition Specialist

The average American adult eats nearly 2,000 pounds of food each year. This means that your choices create a heavy impact on your body.

Eating healthy is often not as simple as choosing this over that. It involves biology, social factors, willpower, and emotional regulation.

For this reason, many people struggle to eat the right foods on their own. If you struggle with what foods to eat, learn below how a nutrition specialist can help.

What is a Nutrition Specialist?

A nutrition specialist focuses on creating healthy eating habits. During their schooling, they learn how food impacts the body. They use their knowledge to help create a diet plan that works for you.

Questions to Ask a Nutrition Specialist

We literally become the food we eat, as our body digests, absorbs, and develops. This makes what we choose to eat incredibly important.

You need to completely trust the person you will ask to guide you through this very personal choice. Before picking a nutritionist, ask questions and go with your gut on whether or not they work for you.

What is Your View on Dieting?

When choosing a nutrition specialist, learn how they view dieting. This answer will give you insight into the approach they will take to reaching your weight loss goals. Listen and decide if this will work for you.

Some nutritionists do not believe in dieting at all. They focus on balancing diet in a way that creates a healthy and sustainable way of eating.

Other nutrition specialists focus on a specific type of diet for reaching goals. One may believe in cutting carbs, while another might work through calorie restriction.

What do you want to commit to? If you cannot see yourself going all-in on their philosophy, then you set yourself up to fail by choosing them.

When Will We Reach My Goal?

Ask your prospective dietitian when they expect to reach your goal. Whether you want to reach a specific weight or heal a health issue, timeline matters.

When they give you a timeframe, ask them to explain why. Later, do your research to see if this makes sense and seems reasonable.

What is Your Relationship with Food?

Follow leaders who practice what they preach. Find out this person’s relationship to food prior to asking their advice on eating.

A good nutritionist understands food from multiple facets. They may eat food of optimal physical and psychological health, but they should not ignore the social aspect of eating.

You want to know that they will take into consideration your lifestyle, belief system, and preferences when choosing a diet plan.

Choose the Perfect Nutrition Specialist 

When looking for a nutrition specialist, find somebody who makes you feel comfortable. You need to trust this person enough to follow their instructions multiple times throughout the day. Choose somebody who listens to you and offers clear explanations on what to eat, how to do it, and why.

We want to help you achieve optimal health. Our team pairs knowledge with compassion to provide the best care possible. Book your appointment today.